Laser dentistry 

Enhanced safety, accuracy and healing: that’s what you get with laser dentistry. Lasers are precision instruments used to perform a wide range of dental procedures. They’re an effective and minimally invasive choice for treating soft-tissue problems like gum disease and even cold sores. 

What is a dental laser ?

A laser is a concentrated beam of light that dentists use to alter or remove tissue. Several different types of lasers are used in dentistry. Some can cut tissue while simultaneously cauterizing blood vessels in the area. Others are used in endodontic treatments to sterilize infected tissue or in cosmetic treatments to activate tooth-whitening agents.

What are the advantages of laser dentistry ?

Laser dentistry reduces discomfort and risk. It’s a win-win solution for both patients and dentists.

Patients treated with laser instruments often need less anaesthetic than those receiving more traditional treatments. And since lasers are more precise, they make smaller incisions requiring fewer sutures. Patients experience less bleeding, faster healing and less scarring. And finally, since the light beam sterilizes the treated area, post-procedural infections are less likely. 

What can laser dentistry treat ?

At Timberlea Dental Clinic, we mainly use dental lasers to address soft tissue concerns, like reducing gum inflammation, reshaping gums, regenerating damaged nerves or even removing benign oral tumors. These advanced instruments can also be used to sterilize root canals or expose wisdom teeth. 

Dental lasers are so versatile and advantageous, it’s hard to imagine how we ever did without them!